Thursday, August 22, 2013

2 sets of chairs or 1?

 "Do I need 2 sets of chairs?"
Well, again, as a rental company I would love for you to order 2 sets but of course that only makes sense if the wedding ceremony is far from the reception (and if you need to rent seating for both). We have a lot of options for chairs. We have white resin, brown resin, white padded, white wooden, beechwood, mahogany/pecan and benches. has a lot of pictures! You have a few options there for style so once you pick those you have to decide one set or two... here are some thoughts on that. 

  1. We can provide you with 2 sets of chairs. This is great if you like one type of chair for your wedding and a different type for the reception or if your wedding and reception aren't easily connected. Also, if you don't want to pay us to move them or you don't have an audience who is capable/willing to move them. It isn't the easiest thing to do! You can hire us to set up both sets and clean up both sets. 
  2. You can get 1 set of chairs and move them. The only disadvantage to moving them is that the older guests are going to have to wait for you to get them moved and set up. If you are on the sand it takes a little longer because it is difficult to carry them in the sand. If you do this your options are pretty much:
    1. "Uncle Joe" and your cousins can move them as soon as the ceremony is over.
    2. My crew can come and move them and set them up at the reception.
As always, we are always willing to help in any way. You just need to inform the receptionist when you order so we allow the proper amount of time and man-power to make it all happen! We like to set up at least 2.5 hours before the actual event to ensure that we have time for any hiccups, traffic delays or silly things that may happen. 

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