Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Should I buy my decorations or rent them?

The age old question- buy or rent? Well, I can tell you that I have seen a lot of customers come to my office who bought all their decorations and then tried to sell them to me! They always say "Man, if I had realized how much this would add up I would have just rented from you!" When you are looking for a house I think it is best to buy if you can so you are investing in your future. I have a few resources who can help you with that if you want their phone numbers :) However, with a wedding, are you ever going to use those 20 glass fishbowl centerpieces you paid $8-10 each again? Do you have a place or want to store them for 8 years until the next wedding in your family? Well, I can tell you that you can come rent them at my office for $2 to $3 each and never have to mess with them again!! I often hear brides say "I'm going to go buy my own tableclothes, yours are too expensive." My answer to that is to be sure that when you get them from UPS they will be all folded tightly into a plastic bag and your grandma is not going to be too happy when she has to iron them all! The money we charge for tableclothes pretty much goes into maintenance and ironing (which is something I personally hate to do!!). We have a staff of people who solely do the ironing of all our tableclothes, sashes and runners. 
This is the story for all of the equipment in my 3000 sq ft of storage warehouse space. We are stocked with all sorts of centerpieces, tables, chairs, linens, archways, candleabras (I mean tons!) and more. I am really into the wooden signs, burlap and lace, mason jars and those sorts of things. I joke a lot but I really feel like we could do all the weddings in Bay County and make every one of them different! 
Our warehouse is open 10am to 5pm, Monday to Friday for all who want to browse. Address is 1569 Chandlee Ave. Panama City, FL. You can browse alone or we can accompany you to answer questions. I love to see all of my "treasures" in use so come in and tell us your ideas!

Here are just a few of the thousands of the items in the warehouse :)

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