Tuesday, August 20, 2013

DON'T HIRE "JIM BOB" on the main street in town to Coordinate your wedding!!!

If I have heard one story I have heard 50 about this "wedding" person on the main street that runs through my town!! I am a "friendly competition" type of company. I feel like there is enough business for everyone and as much as I would love to do all of the weddings from Pensacola to Appalach I know I can't and I am very willing to help all of my wedding buddies, however, there is always that person in town people should be warned about. I am not perfect, I will be the first to admit that, but I have 15 years experience and a great, wonderful bunch of vendors who have my back. There is a person in town who is ruining weddings left and right. He is only doing weddings for the money and he has no idea what he is doing. I would never talk poorly about someone who genuinely tries but ladies, please get references before hiring someone. This person has put at least 6 brides that I know of through torture, and I know this because they come and tell me about their experience (as we console them and come up with a new plan). He never has what he charges for, he doesn't follow through with what he says he will do and sometimes he doesn't even show up. You will need a lawyer in the family to get your money back for services he didn't show up for too (another bride's experience).

 Let me give you an example. We had a sweet little bride come in last year in tears- her wedding was 2 weeks out and she just got off the phone with "Brand X" and they told her that they were sorry but the equipment she rented wasn't available for her wedding- IN 2 WEEKS! Now I don't mean someone the week before broke a chair or a vase or something fixable or replaceable- I mean the ENTIRE ORDER isn't available, an order they paid for a year ago. Can you imagine this phone call?!
I am here to tell you that Come hell or high water I would do anything it takes to help a bride make her day come true. I am so sad that "Brand X" keeps on getting customers and messing them up just because he has a good location. (Sorry, I will now step off my "soap box").

If this happens to you, please contact us and we will make it all work out. Please tell your friends to ask around before paying money. We don't have a perfect record, we have made mistakes but 99% of our weddings go completely as planned. I have lots of references, please ask if you like. Also, you should be able to see the equipment in person if you are able to be in town. If  he can't show you what you are renting it may not exist.

As I have posted before, I am not out to become rich, I am here because I love what I do and I genuinely want to be "all-in" for your big day. It takes experience to run a wedding and it takes confidence to say you are good at it. I am good and I sure hope I can help you coordinate/plan your big day!

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