Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pamper Me!

Tuesday of last week my back was aching. I love bridal shows; however, those hours standing on hard concrete floors can take quite a toll on my back. I need to be refreshed, relaxed and ready so I can provide each and every bride 100% of me. My favorite solution to get me feeling good is The Back Connection.

A massage means so much to me - stress gone, emotional stability in check, health taken care of (my back no longer aches) and I DESERVE THE PAMPERING!

WHAT ABOUT YOU?  Read this article from Inside Weddings aptly named Countdown: Surviving the Week Before The Wedding. Take note of their suggestions and incorporate as many as possible into your week before The Wedding! You and your new hubby will be glad you did.
Remember The Back Connection. Their telephone number is 850-215-1708. Make your appointment now!

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